Slide Order. Eat. Go! Blazebite is a mobile app that allows you to purchase food or drinks from your phone while you are at your favorite restaurant or venue. The food and drinks are delivered to your seat or table. It’s simple, order and pay from the app at your convenience. Cleveland Food App Business Owners Click Here get blazebite on google download blazebite on app store pay on your phone using blazebite

Introducing The BlazeBite App

The NEW way to order at your favorite restaurant or stadium through a mobile app. With all that is occurring with COVID-19, feel safe using a digital menu through the BlazeBite app. There is no need for touching kiosks or other people's tablets when you can use your own phone. With the BlazeBite app, the ordering experience is easy and safe!

Where can I use the BlazeBite app?

Explore all the different places you can find the BlazeBite app.
Spend less time trying to get the attention of the wait staff and more time on you. Order and pay all on your mobile phone and leave when you're ready.
You don't need to sign the bill with a pen or use cash. Pay through our app with your credit card or PayPal account.
Order your favorite meal or drink in seconds. Simply browse the menu, select your order, and confirm. It's that easy!

Why BlazeBite app?

at venue app
BlazeBite is completely free of charge. No fees, no additional charges. On your phone, open up the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for BlazeBite.
BlazeBite orders pop up immediately at the bar or in the kitchen. Orders are always done by you, so you'll always get EXACTLY what you ordered!
Splitting bills is time consuming and annoying. Splitting an appetizer between friends? No problem! Use the share button and choose how to split your bill.

It's The Fastest Way To Order

You can order and cash out in just a few clicks!

Download BlazeBite Now

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