Perfect solution for any restaurant, concession or venue.

2020 has been tough on us all, but BlazeBite is trying to make it a little better. The BlazeBite app gives restaurants, stadiums or other venues the ability to provide an all-digital dining experience. With our app, customers can view an entire menu, order your food/beverages, and pay for it all from their phone. No more waiting in long lines!
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We are MLB Approved

The BlazeBite app is approved by the MLB (Major League Baseball) and is also the Official Digital Concession Solution for most businesses that hold any type of venue. We are excited for the Lake County Captains and Mahoning Valley Scrappers (, that will be using this digital concession solution!

We are seeing lots of interest from bowling alleys, movie theaters and other venues that are looking for a contactless mobile ordering solution for their customers.

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There are so many benefits of moving off the old paper menus and collecting cash. Here are a few reasons why your business should use BlazeBite.
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  • Target customers at the right place and time with BlazeBite's GPS utilization. Customers will be able to find your restaurant by proximity, along with the types of deals and coupons being offered at the time.
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  • Discover a higher focus on improving customer experience! With help from BlazeBite's built in ordering system, wait staff will have more time to focus on customer service.
  • Turn tables faster, by giving customers the ability to pay from their phones. No more waiting on the bill, they can leave when they are finished. Quicker table turnover, means more diners and more profit!
How are your servers performing?
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  • How are your servers performing? What servers are best at up-selling your specials? BlazeBite will help you track server performance so you can properly evaluate your staff.
When are you making the highest profits?
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  • What items are your best sellers? Analyze sales trends with BlazeBite so your restaurant can best increase profitability. Ask one of our team members how it works.
What days and times should you schedule your most efficient staff?
  • BlazeBite analytics can help your restaurant optimize on operational efficiency.

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