Our Media Kit and FAQ

Media Kit Files

Please download any of our videos to display on your jumbotron or TV screens so the users know how to use the app.  You can also download additional files like our logos below.


No you cannot use the application if you wish to pay with Cash.  You must enter a valid Credit Card to “Start a Tab” with the BlazeBite application.

  • Check in the BlazeBite app, Are the items in your cart still?  (is there a “$” or a “Cart” symbol on the bottom of the order screen?) 
    • If there is a “$” on the bottom of your order screen than your order has been placed.
    • If there is a Cart still showing, you need to select your “cart” and select “place order.”

No worries, your order will auto pay after an extended period of time with no activity

Select the Pay “$”  button symbol in the red circle at the bottom of your screen.

Once you select the Pay “$” button you can select the provided Tip amounts (Example: 10%, 15%, 20%) or put in your own “custom” tip.

You can add more than one card, you must add/select that new card when you start your order. 

If you change locations, you will want to pay your tab and start a new tab at the new location.

  • If the payment went through with success you will be see no pay “$” option.
  • You can see your order history under your profile “Me” located at the bottom right of the home screen

BlazeBite Pre-authorizes the sale, after an extended period of time with no order activity the customer will automatically be charged and the customers default tip amount will be applied.

Confirm Customer order is showing on the “Order” screen in tablet:

    • If the order is displayed perhaps there was a printer issue (See Printer Troubleshooting)
    • If the order is not showing in Orders on the tablet it’s likely the customer put items in the cart but did not actually “place order”

BlazeBite is tool that helps the staff be more efficient and more accurate.  BlazeBite simply eliminates the staff having to do order entry and payment processing, which allows the staff to focus more on quality customer service.

  • Find that order in the tablet, select it and send a push notification notifying the customer that their item availability changed.  
  • In the tablet, on the customer order you will want to Delete (trash can logo) the item on their order so they do not get charged for it
  • Remember to go to the kitchen manager on the tablet, find that item and make it inactive so no future customers order.