Snack Stand Standoff: Inflation’s Toll on School Concessions
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Snack Stand Standoff: Inflation’s Toll on School Concessions

Rising Food Costs

Ah, the noble art of running a high school concession stand—where the aroma of popcorn meets the sweet chaos of game day. It’s like juggling hot dogs and nachos while trying to score a touchdown in financial management, isn’t it? All you concession stand warriors, find yourselves in the trenches, armed with tongs and a cash box, battling the ever-rising tide of inflation. And let’s not forget the dance of the dollar bills and coins, a performance that would rival any halftime show.

Inflation has truly turned the concession playbook upside down. Prices that once seemed just right are now teetering on the edge of not enough, making each game day a strategic puzzle of pricing and profit. Post-Covid, with the return of eager fans and the buzz of sports, there was a collective sigh of relief—paired with a slight adjustment in prices to the nearest whole dollar for simplicity’s sake. Yet, as the cost of goods continues to climb, it seems it’s time for another huddle.

The idea of bumping up prices by a whole dollar might seem as daunting as a fourth-down conversion. And then there’s the thought of reverting to the age-old practice of dealing in quarters for that added pricing flexibility. But let’s be real—ensuring a steady flow of quarters and dealing with the clinking and clanking of coins isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time.

Going Cashless: The Smarter Choice

Enter the digital age, with its sleek solutions like BlazeBite, offering a playbook refresh that could very well be the game-changer we’ve been looking for. By embracing the convenience of cashless transactions, not only could we sidestep the coin conundrum, but we might also make the whole concession experience smoother for everyone—volunteers and fans alike. The benefits of going cashless, as outlined by LGC Associates, highlight the speed, cost savings, and enhanced security that such systems can bring to businesses like concession stands​​.

App for Concessions

BlazeBite brings to the field the ease of mobile ordering, where fans can pick their snacks without missing a play, and volunteers can focus on the joy of serving rather than the math of money handling. It’s about keeping the spirit of the game alive, ensuring that these concession stands, these bastions of community and school spirit, can continue to thrive amidst the challenges of inflation and changing times. As Dreamcast suggests, the impact of cashless payments on events extends beyond mere convenience, enhancing attendee experiences and streamlining operations for organizers​​.

Join the Future: Embrace Innovation

So here’s to you, the heart and soul of high school concession stands. May the shift to digital be as rewarding as the cheers from the stands, bringing ease, efficiency, and maybe even a little extra joy to every game day.

For more insights on the benefits of going cashless, check out the detailed discussions at LGC Associates​ and Dreamcast​.

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