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Frequently asked questions

Why was I double charged?
When you place an order with our App, it pre-authorizes your credit card to ensure funds are available. After you pay your bill, it cancels the pre-authorization and charges the final amount, which may include a tip. It could take 2-3 days for the pre-authorization charge to move from the "pending" status.
I never received my food, what now?
First step is to check your notifications to see if the concession stand left you a message. It could be that you weren't at your seat or that the kitchen is backed up. If it's been longer than the estimated delivery time, you may need to ask a food runner where you order is. If you don't see any food runners, you can find the BlazeBite concession stand and ask for the status of the order.
Portion size was small or the food was cold?
While BlazeBite's mission is to make a better experience for everyone, there are some things that are out of our control. Our platform is designed to make it easier for fans to order food from the venues concessions stand, but at the end of the day, it's up to them to make sure you are happy with your service. Any negative feedback that is sent to us from a venue is forwarded to them so that they have a chance to make it right.
I entered the wrong seat number, who do I talk to?
If you noticed that you entered the wrong seat location, please look for a food runner to let them know. If you cannot find a food runner, please go down to the BlazeBite concession stand and someone there will be able to help you get your order corrected.

Contact us with any questions or concerns!